Hawkscope 0.6.3

Access your hard drive from the System Tray


  • Offers very quick access to files, folders and programs
  • Removes the need to use Windows Explorer


  • Can 'hang' when mapping network drives

Using Windows Explorer can sometimes feel like rather a long-winded way of accessing the contents of your hard drive.

Hawkscope is a Java-based application which aims to remove the need to use Explorer by allowing you to access your hard drive's contents instantly via the System Tray. It works with a dynamic pop-up menu that enables you to find your files and folders without touching Windows Explorer. Just move your mouse cursor to the Hawkscope icon in your System Tray and the menu will pop-up.

Want to access your music, for example? Just move your mouse cursor over the Hawkscope logo, select your user folder and your music folder appears without a click necessary. All of your major drives and folders are instantly accessible. However, the only problem you may encounter is if you have to access networked drives. It takes Hawkscope a while to map the location of the drive and during this time, you can't browse anything else effectively "locking" the program.

You can add a blacklist of folders that Hawkscope should not access from the Options menu and that's your best bet for avoiding this problem.

Hawkscope is a very handy way to avoid using Windows Explorer and obtain quicker access to your files and programs.

Version 0.6.3 include support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and 64bit Mac OS.


  • Version 0.6.3 include support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and 64bit Mac OS.


Hawkscope 0.6.3

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    Hawkscope ... is easy to use just one click and you can find what you want on your harddrive be nice...   More